You’re responsible for the life choices you make

From our very birth, there’s a part within us, that tell us no matter what we do, we’re right. It places us in this “comfort zone” and tells us that certain things that happen to us (if not, most of the bad things), are due to the choices made by an external entity. And ultimately, we take this “comfort zone” for granted and as we grow, we tend to lose our sense our rational thinking.

How many times have you heard someone say – “It’s not my fault!” or “I’m not responsible for that!”? How many times have you said similar things to people around you? Don’t get me wrong! Sometimes it must have really not been your fault or responsibility. But if it were, would you deny that you were tricked by your own mind not to think rationally?

What you claim as your irresponsibility today can turn into your immorality tomorrow. And your failure to accept your life choices as your own can work against you in a way that you will detach yourself from all the success that could have been yours. Instead of getting up and making the best out of your day, you will sit there waiting, and cursing all the people and the things that you “think” robbed you out of your happiness.

We all make bad choices. But that’s not a reason for us not to take responsibility of them. If you’ve made some bad choices in the past, accept those are your choices, and yours own. Keep external entities out of the equations. Tell yourself “I made a bad choice, and I take full responsibility for it”. Only then you can motivate yourself to get out of that situation.

Motivation is a rational thought. It only strikes our mind and displays it’s true splendor when we’re ready to rationally accept that we’re ready to accept it. If you want to move on to something greater, first accept where your are now. Only then you will feel the real urge to make a difference for yourself. Question why you are there – identify what you’ve done wrong or done right.

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