Organize your media files with Media Monkey – Windows Media Player alternate

After I ran into a problem with Window Media Player’s database (the database got corrupted), I was searching near and far for an alternate. I tried Winamp for sometime which quite didn’t work out since most of my ripped files were WMV, which Winamp was unable to play. I was searching near and far for an alternate. Not just a player with a pretty interface, but with good media file organizing features as well. That’s when I fell in love with “Media Monkey”.

It has all the features that Windows Media Player has plus more. It uses relatively less system resources and can play WMV files. But the support is only provided for audio files. No video – yet! But, this is definitely worth a download and tryout since it’s an all in one Media Player, Media Organizer, CD Ripper and a Converter. Click here for detailed features.

It can also run in two other modes than the standard mode, which are Micro Player and Mini Player. They can significantly reduce the usage of RAM and help you keep your workspace organized while listening to your favorite tunes.

This is an official Outperforming Recommendation for all of you. It’s available in the Free Lite Version and Premium Pro Verison. Currently, only Windows platform is supported.